Thank you for visiting America’s Boating Club – Music City Squadron. Formerly known as the Music City Power Squadron. This web site is designed to provide information about the local boating educational opportunities provided by our Squadron serving the Middle Tennessee area.  Our members are dedicated to safe boating operation and education on our lakes, rivers, and streams. If you have a dream to offshore boat charter (bare boat charter), America's Boating Club has the Boating Classes to boost your knowledge and confidence to navigate and safely operate your vessel in the coastal waterways and international seas.

America's Boating Club Music City offers great ways to help satisfy a desire for recreational paddleboard, kayak, canoe, sail, and power boating. When you get out on the water look for our boats with the burgees below on our bow staff or starboard spreader and the America’s Boating Club logo.

OMusic City Burgeeur squadron was founded in 1994 as a unit of America’s Boating Club whose origin traces back to 1914. The Squadron offers comprehensive Boating Safety Courses and special topic Seminars for the boating public at various times and places during each year. The Squadron is made up of men and women who have a common love and appreciation of recreational boating and who are willing to contribute time, energy, and skills to boat safety education and other objectives of the Squadron.

Just follow the Area Waters link under the Resources tab for more information on the waters we cruise. If you are interested in taking the America's Boating Club Boating Education Course, visit our Courses tab above. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our Bridge by clicking the link. One of our Bridge members will contact you shortly.


"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Attributed to Mark Twain


The links below also provide additional information on boating safety, boating education, and area lake information. Explore the links for more information and enjoy your boating experience safely.




Nashville Boating

Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities:


March 1 - Virtual Bridge Meeting - Contact Bobby Naylor for zoom log-in information.

March 8 - Membership Meeting - Corner Pub in Mt. Juliet, TN  from 1800  to 1830 for social time and 1830 to 2000  for presentation/dinner.  Betsy Woods with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency will be providing a valuable insight to safe boating on our area lakes.  



March 4 - America's Boating Course (multiple course dates available)


 ELECTRICAL SHOCK DROWNING (ESD) BY DIY AC SAFETY TEST FOR BOAT AND DOCK OWNERS.  All boat and dock owners must check your AC electrical system for stray current that could cause electrical shock and potential death to swimmers.  It could save a life.


VESSEL SAFETY CHECKS - America's Boating Club's Vessel Safety Inspectors are eager to inspect your boat anytime during the boating season for FREE.  Please request Vessel Safety Inspections via our online request in the Vessel Safety Check tab.  A Vessel Safety Inspector will contact you shortly after your request is recieved.  


2020 Bridge Leadership

Commander -

Cmdr Bobby Naylor, AP

Ex Oficio/District 17 Commander -

Ray Alley, AP IN

Squadron Education Officer -

Lt/C Randy Stone, P

Assistant Education Officer -

1st Lt Art Chapman, P

Secretary -

Lt/C Barry Cleveland, AP

Treasurer -

Lt/C Jane Malatack, AP

Education Officer -

Lt/C Randy Stone, AP

Education Officer Assistant - 

Lt/C Art Chapman, AP

Historian - 

Lt/C Jane Malatak, P

Member-at-Large -

Tom Hudson

Darrell Breaux


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