Vessel Safety Check

What is a Vessel Safety Check?

Thank your for taking the first step to being prepared during your boating adventrures.  A vessel safety check is a free check of a vessel's equipment for compliance with federal, state and local safety requirements. Some of the items we check are:

  • Proper display of numbers
  • Registration/Documentation
  • Personal Flotation Devices
  • Visual Distress Signals
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Ventilation
  • Backfire Flame Control
  • Sound Producing Devices
  • Navigation Lights
  • State & Local Requirements
  • Overall vessel condition

During the Vessel Safety Check, the vessel examiner has an opportunity to discuss with a fellow boater the purpose of the marine safety equipment, to clarify various federal, state and local regulations, to review local boating conditions, to answer any boating-related safety questions and to encourage additional boater education.  Check national web site for even more information.

Benefits of a Vessel Safety Check

A Vessel Safety Check can identify SAFETY and money saving opportunities:

  • By preventing citations by meeting federal, state and local safety equipment requirements.
  • By identifying educational and equipment-related possible boating insurance discounts.

By increasing awareness of safety practices to avoid accidents and costly breakdowns.

A Vessel Safety Check can reduce accidents and injuries be educating the boater as to the value and use of marine safety equipment and other safe practices on the water.

Check our events calendar for the date of the next vessel safety inspection.  The next scheduled inspection is currently during Safe Boating Week.


To request a vessel safety check, please complete the form below.  A vessel safety inspector will contact to schedule an examination.

Please complete this form to request a Vessel Safety Check (VSC).  A certified VSC inspector will contact you soon to schedule the examination.

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 ELECTRICAL SHOCK DROWNING (ESD) BY DIY AC SAFETY TEST FOR BOAT AND DOCK OWNERS.  All boat and dock owners must check your AC electrical system for stray current that could cause electrical shock and potential death to swimmers.  It could save a life.


VESSEL SAFETY CHECKS - America's Boating Club's Vessel Safety Inspectors are eager to inspect your boat anytime during the boating season for FREE.  Please request Vessel Safety Inspections via our online request in the Vessel Safety Check tab.  A Vessel Safety Inspector will contact you shortly after your request is recieved.  


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