Sunday, 1 April 2007
Houseboat Committee Reports Successful Purchase
The Squadron's Houseboat Committee, originally convened by P/C Lyle Fuson in 2005, have recently approved the purchase of an older houseboat to be used as a meeting place for monthly Squadron dinners as well as for BoatSmart, TSRA and other USPS courses, including the new USPS University seminars and short courses. Due to the derision of some mossback members, it can now be revealed that the Committee met unofficially at Rotier's after regularly scheduled ExCom meetings whenever one of its members had something of possible interest to report to the group. Many thanks to Bob Duthie for locating this houseboat, which will be moored on Mill Creek at the site of the future Cumberland Yacht Harbor, a location deemed by the Committee to be most convenient for access by our Members. Thanks to Dorman Burch for arranging an inexpensive survey of the vessel.
The houseboat has ample storage for our flags, computer and projector, course materials, various supplies and boat show brochures. There will be a shelf for trophies in the meeting room. Committee member Carlos Trenary volunteered to be in charge of interior decoration, since he has a number of artifacts to be displayed which were gathered on his many voyages of exploration; any member who has photos from past Squadron events is encouraged to donate a copy to Carlos for display.
Commander Mike Majka and Executive Officer Lt/C Bruce MacDonald have planned a work party for Saturday 5 May, starting at 0900. Education Officer Lt/C Robbie Gilreath has acquired several dozen gallons of paint left over from the last local Marriott redecoration project, and P/L/C Dale Hamilton will have plenty of brushes and rollers on hand. This will be a great opportunity for one and all to earn merit marks! Dedication and rechristening will follow at 1700 that afternoon; Lt/C Tom Hudson has acquired the requisite champagne and other adult beverages, and P/C Edie Oathout will do the honors with a beribboned bottle of bubbly. A cookout dinner will follow, and every family is encouraged to bring a dish; please email P/C Suzanne Campbell with the dish you plan to bring.
The Committee has announced a contest to name the houseboat. Please email your suggestion to Secretary Lt/C Liz Alley prior to 5 May. After enough adult beverages have been consumed, the Committee will convene to select the winning entry. The winner will receive a goody bag prepared by Commander Majka; the second place winner will receive two goody bags.
Posted on 04/01/2007 12:53 PM by Barry
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