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We Need You!

If saving lives gets your adrenaline going... if you'd like to use your boating expertise for a great cause... if you want to help both the United States Coast Guard and the United States Power Squadrons fulfill their missions... then this is the program for you!

The Vessel Safety Check (VSC) program represents a unique alliance between the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the United States Power Squadrons. By providing free Vessel Safety Checks for recreational boats, Auxiliary and P Power Squadron members identify potential safety problems... prevent boating accidents... allow the Coast Guard and state marine law enforcement personnel more opportunity for the protection of our nation's waterways... and save lives.

Your help is needed

There are approximately 13 million registered recreational boats in the United States, and less than 1% are checked each year. Most boaters are eager to have their vessels checked, but there are far too few Vessel Examiners to meet the potential demand. That's where you come in. You have the knowledge and experience. Once you're trained and complete your initial requirements, all you need to do is perform a minimum of five Vessel Safety Checks per year to maintain your currency and make a real difference in boating safety.

During the Vessel Safety Check, the vessel examiner has an opportunity to discuss with a fellow boater the purpose of the marine safety equipment, to clarify various federal, state and local regulations, to review local boating conditions, to answer any boating-related safety questions and to encourage additional boater education.

If you have any questions about the Vessel Safety Check program or about becoming an examiner, please e-mail our Executive Officer. You may also register for or request more information about a class on-line.


The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Become A Vessel Examiner

10 Less than 1 % of the 13 million registered recreational boats receives a VSC each year.

9 More Vessel Examiners equals more Vessel Safety Checks equals safer boating.

8 VSCs help keep potentially unsafe boats off the water, and allow the Coast Guard and states to devote more resources to the protection of our nation's waterways.

7 You have spent a lot of time becoming very knowledgeable about boating and boating safety - you might as well put that expertise to good use.

6 The Vessel Safety Check program is one of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's and United States Power Squadrons' best ways to educate boaters and involve new members.

5 Maintaining your currency as a Vessel Examiner requires you to complete a minimum of only five (5) Vessel Safety Checks per year - probably less than three (3) hours of volunteer service.

4 In most geographical areas, Vessel Safety Checks can be done year-round.

3 Staying current on VSC requirements helps you stay on top of your own knowledge of boating and boating safety.

2 Most boaters welcome and appreciate VesselSafety Checks.

1 VSCs work! You might just save someone's life. 

How To Become a Qualified Vessel Examiner

Power Squadron or Auxiliary members wishing to become a Vessel Examiner must:

1 Pass the Boating Skills and Seamanship Course or equivalent.

2 Become familiar with the contents of the Vessel Safety Check Manual.

3 Take and pass the current Vessel Examiner qualification examination covering the material in the Vessel Examiner Qualification Course and the Vessel Examiner Manual.

4 Satisfactorily conduct five Vessel Safety Checks under the observation of a qualified Vessel Examiner.

To maintain this qualification, Vessel Examiners must do a minimum of five Vessel Safety Checks each year and attend a Vessel Examiner workshop when required.

Nashville Boating

Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities:

Raft-Up for all members and Friends - September 22, 2019 - Begins 2:00 p.m. on Old Hickory Lake at the in front of the pirate ship at Boxwell Boym Scout Camp.  The members and friends will meet at Cherokee Stake House by water or land at 5:00 p.m. for cocktails with dinner to follow at 6:00.  THe Lat and Long is:  36 degrees 18' 27.58 N; 86 degrees 28' 14.45" W.  For anyone joining the raft up by land, please contact Bobby or Barry at or  Please contact Bobby for dinner reservations.  


Boating Safety Class - June date to be determined based on advance registration.  This class will include the Tennessee Boaters Certification upon passing the exam at the end of the class.  Students for the Tennessee Boaters Certification must bring the TN Wildlife Type 600 Boating Safety Exam Permit available at locations selling hunting/fishing license to qualify for the TN Boating Safety Certificate.  Americas Boating Club is world largest boating club providing boating safety classes and free Vessel Safety Inspection nationally NASBLA approved.  Please contact Randy Stone at for registration information and date.  


 ELECTRICAL SHOCK DROWNING (ESD) BY DIY AC SAFETY TEST FOR BOAT AND DOCK OWNERS.  All boat and dock owners must check your AC electrical system for stray current that could cause electrical shock and potential death to swimmers.  It could save a life.


VESSEL SAFETY CHECKS - Americas Boating Club's Vessel Safety Inspectors are eager to inspect your boat anytime during the 2019 boating season for FREE.  Please request Vessel Safety Inspections via our online request in the Vessel Safety Check tab.  A Vessel Safety Inspector will contact you shortly after your request is recieved.  


2019 Bridge Leadership

Commander -

Cdr Ray Alley, AP-IN

Squadron Education Officer -

Lt/C Randy Stone, P

Assistant Education Officer -

1st Lt Art Chapman, P

Secretary -

Lt/C Barry Cleveland, AP

Treasurer -

Lt/C Bobby Naylor, AP

Member-at-Large -

1/Lt Jane Malatak, P

1/Lt Jack Rubey, S


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