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December 5th, 2008















  On Friday evening, 05 December, the annual Squadron Christmas party was held at our home, much to the relief of P/C Suzanne Campbell who had acted as the hostess of the annual party for a number of years in a row, and was overdue respite from that duty. Several members chose to ignore the printed directions and instead relied on their GPS systems to navigate them to the address, resulting in their missing the proper driveway, due to the fact that on Stanford the house numbers are not sequential on opposite sides of the street, a fact that apparently confounds modern electronics.

This year we had a theme, and members were asked to come as a famous mariner or explorer; we had the Owl and the Pussycat, two Popeyes, and an Ichiro Suzuki. The affair was a potluck dinner, and the repast was sumptuous. Over twenty members enjoyed the meal and the conviviality of the occasion. As in the past, we shared dirty Santa gifts “ who could have imagined that Lili Hudson would choose the biggest package under the tree and unwrap it to find two gallons of RV antifreeze, only to have it stolen by Bob Duthie?

Lt/C Tom Hudson, AP

July 11th, 2008

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Winning Pirates
of the
Cumberland team

Chaos at
the start

BOXTOP rounding
the buoy

BOXTOP finishes

capsizes as

McLean paddling
a swamped

Pirates of the
Cumberland take
the trophy

On Saturday 21 June, a party of six representing Music City Power Squadron, a.k.a. Pirates of the Cumberland, traveled to Lake Lanier to challenge Atlanta Sail & Power Squadron in their cardboard boat race. Despite Lanier's being about -14' from summer pool, it was a good time. We got the final coat of paint on our new boat Friday night, right after getting back from picking McLean up from camp Friday mid-day. McLean thereupon expressed his reservations over the stability and construction quality of DIXIE CUP, but agreed to paddle it in the race. 

Saturday morning Ray, Liz and Melissa Alley came over in their big pickup, and got both boats loaded in the bed and strapped down. We left in convoy about 0710, and got to the lake pavilion 4-1/2 hours later. The Alleys brought one of those folding party tents, and set it up with our two craft under cover, and with a banner heralding Pirates of the Cumberland, complete with skull and crossbones -- a little intimidation factor there. Had a great picnic lunch, about 25 or so from the Atlanta Squadron and the six of us. 

At 1530, it was time for the race. Atlanta had only one entry; a father-son team attempted to build a boat that day at the lake, but it was obvious their heart wasn't in it after seeing BOXTOP and DIXIE CUP. Past Commander Frank Taylor brought his winning entry from last year, with a fresh coat of black and gold paint. The course was from the beach, around a make-shift balloon buoy about 40 yards out, and back to the finish line at the beach. We all got a running start from the strand, quickly bogging down in the lake bottom mud before jumping into our boats. Ray and I got a pretty good start in BOXTOP, and started paddling like pirates fleeing the noose! About halfway to the buoy, I glanced back to see the stern of DIXIE CUP settling in the water, but McLean was valiantly trying to paddle it forward. (It helped there was a cute young girl out there on a raft watching him!) P/C Taylor was very much afloat, valiantly paddling but making poor progress. 

By the time Taylor rounded the buoy, BOXTOP had already reached the finish; DIXIE CUP 's stern was submerged, and its bow was sticking up about three feet out of the water. By the time Taylor reached the finish, McLean had rounded the buoy and figured a rhythm to paddling a cardboard. He got a big cheer when he finally finished, and DIXIE CUP chose that moment to fold as McLean stepped out into the mud at the shore. 

After we hauled our boats back to the parking lot, including the crumpled CUP, we cleaned the mud off ourselves and joined the others at the pavilion for the awards presentation. Ray and I took first place in BOXTOP, Taylor second in HELP ME!, and McLean third in DIXIE CUP, as well as garnering the Titanic Award for most spectacular sinking. Music City Squadron will receive an antique-style wood canoe paddle with a plaque showing all the previous winners, as soon as their trophy shop engraves our name on it; this is a traveling trophy, so we'll have to defend it next year. 

Time to load up for the drive home. A fun fourteen hour day. 
March 29th, 2008
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February 10, 2008

I'd like to thank Mike Majka, our retiring 2007 Commander who, in the tradition of all of our previous Commanders, has continued to build and improve upon our young squadron. I am in awe of Mike's energy, commitment, non-stop flow of great ideas and most of all, his passion and dedication to this squadron. Thank you! I am also (selfishly) grateful that Mike will remain as an active member of the Bridge in a dual role. He will continue in an advisory role as our Past Commander but also as our Treasurer. Both roles are absolutely critical to the management of the squadron and the execution of our plans and the growth of the squadron. Mike, thank you for your continued passion and dedication to this squadron! You have been and continue to be a critical leader and member of the Music City Power Squadron.

We owe much to our Squadron's founders and to all of Past Commanders “ each has built upon the previous Commander's successes and made the Music City Power Squadron in to the successful and growing squadron that we are. I know that I step in to a leadership role in which all of us have high expectations and I have high standards to live up to “ standards that have been set by our Founders and our Past Commanders. With your help, I will endeavor to meet those expectations and adhere to those standards of excellence and commitment to the Music City Power Squadron.

But none of our Past Commanders could have been successful without an equally committed and dedicated group of volunteers who serve with the Commander on the Bridge and I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the Bridge members who have helped to "execute the great ideas that have contributed to the success of the Music City Power Squadron and I want to thank the in-coming Bridge Officers who will be supporting me, your 2008 Commander. Many on this in-coming Bridge have been active Bridge Officers for many years and together we are a strong team. We need their support, their ideas, their energy and their commitment and dedication. We all owe this year's Bridge Officers a big ˜Thank you. I, above all, know how much I need their help.

I would also like to thank all of us who are members of the Music City Power Squadron. Without your annual commitment and contributions to this squadron, we could not point to our past successes and build upon our hopes and plans for the future of the Squadron. Sadly, some of our sister squadrons are struggling. Their memberships are declining and they struggle to get volunteers to take-a-turn serving on the Bridge. Without new members and emerging leaders who can guide, build and continuously improve their squadrons, like all non-profit organizations, they will slowly die out. We will not let that happen to the Music City Power Squadron!

We live in extremely hectic times. I recall during the late 1970's when the futurists of the day were predicting that with ever improving technology, such as the then emerging internet and growth in personal-computers, that we would all have far more leisure time. More time to spend on our boats! Boy, did those futurists ever blow that prediction. Improved communications technology has only resulted in all of us carrying cell phones and Black Berry's where we can never escape our work or offices. Cell towers, and certainly satellites can now reach us in some of the most remote corners of the globe. Gone are the days when we could take a vacation on our boats and be conveniently "out-of-reach for two weeks straight.

These hectic times make it more and more difficult to devote time to the leadership of the Music City Power Squadron, let alone attend the social functions that the Bridge has organized for the benefit of the general membership. Trust me, I understand these challenges. I am at the beck-and-call of my clients 24/7 and I know all of you struggle with the competing needs of family and work “ let alone the needs of your Power Squadron.

But the Music City Power Squadron represents something that I value. Boating is not just for recreation or for leisure. Boating fosters positive relationships with our family and friends and brings us closer to nature and closer to God (Especially when we're caught in a storm. They say that there are no atheists in a Fox Hole and I would like to add that there are no atheists on a boat during a storm either). The Music City Power Squadron teaches and prepares us to be better boaters and safer boaters and, ultimately, confident boaters. It is that shared passion for safe-boating¦those of us who are "serious-boaters¦who are committed and active members of the Music City Power Squadron that ties us together. This squadron represents our shared values - values that include love for God, Family, Friends and Nature and we know that we can be closer to all when on a boat.

With these thoughts in mind, there are some specific challenges that this Bridge will continue to work on during 2008. These challenges are:

  1. Lack of recognition “ Many people ask, "Who and what is the Power Squadron?
  2. Membership growth “ (unlike many other squadrons, we've been successful in adding some new members but our growth is at risk of leveling out). We welcome all new members regardless of boating style (sail, power, paddle, oar, etc.) and size or number of boats “ even those without boats - but, the reality is, we only attract "serious boaters. "Serious Boaters are those who are interested in our courses and interested in our social activities (namely learning from each others' boating experiences). Focusing on attracting and retaining "serious-boaters must become a mission for us.
  3. Funding “ We have no funding for advertising “ hence we can't afford to buy radio/TV/newspaper ads “ but there are ways to attract funding without selling-out our principles.
  4. Location “ Our members are not centrally located on one body of water “ its difficult to get all of us together for social events. In addition, our members live throughout the region so no one's happy with our choices for meeting locations “ we have no "club house¦but¦do we need one? "Compromise will likely be an on-going reality of our squadron.
  5. Leadership “ We're having a tough time attracting members to join-in and participate on the Bridge but without new blood we're not advancing. How can we encourage all members to be a part of the leadership of this, "our squadron?

As for some solutions????

  1. Mike Majka has done a great job "starting the marina/dealer recognition program but he needs help to grow this program.
  2. We've gotten some "press from the Tennessean newspaper but can we get TV and radio attention (anyone want to try and get Britney Spears off of the front page)?
  3. The Propeller Club and Ingram Barge have helped us financially “ are there other sources of funding we can talk to?
  4. What events/activities do you think would attract more membership involvement?
  5. Do we continue a shot-gun approach to attracting any and all members or should we focus on those who are our core members, namely "serious boaters.
  6. What attracted us to participate as Bridge members???...can we use those same reasons to attract other members to join the Bridge?

Earlier this week the outgoing Bridge met with the in-coming Bridge to "Brain Storm these issues and concerns. In addition, several members joined in this Brain Storming session and contributed their ideas. Out of this Brain Storming session have emerged some great new ideas with which the in-coming Bridge will begin to put into place.


It is the need for positive ideas and for continued support from the General Membership that will allow the Music City Power Squadron to continue along our successful journey. We will get in to troubled waters from time-to-time, but with the energy, commitment and dedication of this year's Bridge as well as the active participation of all of our members, the Music City Power Squadron will be recognized as Nashville's premier "Boating Club.

Thank you and best wishes for Safe and Happy Boating in 2008!
Yours truly,

Cdr. Bruce MacDonald, P


January 27th, 2008
Missing photo

Mike Majka 
(esteemed past
boating in
January and...

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... Chicago 
the same

Jan 9 - 13, 2008
Missing photo 

Bill Paris and 
Jae Hill
man the
squadron's booth

Missing photo 

Ray Alley &
Bill Paris


Missing photo 

How many MCPS
members does it take
to change a light bulb?

Missing photo 

OK... so maybe it
wasn't a light bulb

Nashville Boating

Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities:

Raft-Up for all members and Friends - September 22, 2019 - Begins 2:00 p.m. on Old Hickory Lake at the in front of the pirate ship at Boxwell Boym Scout Camp.  The members and friends will meet at Cherokee Stake House by water or land at 5:00 p.m. for cocktails with dinner to follow at 6:00.  THe Lat and Long is:  36 degrees 18' 27.58 N; 86 degrees 28' 14.45" W.  For anyone joining the raft up by land, please contact Bobby or Barry at or  Please contact Bobby for dinner reservations.  


Boating Safety Class - June date to be determined based on advance registration.  This class will include the Tennessee Boaters Certification upon passing the exam at the end of the class.  Students for the Tennessee Boaters Certification must bring the TN Wildlife Type 600 Boating Safety Exam Permit available at locations selling hunting/fishing license to qualify for the TN Boating Safety Certificate.  Americas Boating Club is world largest boating club providing boating safety classes and free Vessel Safety Inspection nationally NASBLA approved.  Please contact Randy Stone at for registration information and date.  


 ELECTRICAL SHOCK DROWNING (ESD) BY DIY AC SAFETY TEST FOR BOAT AND DOCK OWNERS.  All boat and dock owners must check your AC electrical system for stray current that could cause electrical shock and potential death to swimmers.  It could save a life.


VESSEL SAFETY CHECKS - Americas Boating Club's Vessel Safety Inspectors are eager to inspect your boat anytime during the 2019 boating season for FREE.  Please request Vessel Safety Inspections via our online request in the Vessel Safety Check tab.  A Vessel Safety Inspector will contact you shortly after your request is recieved.  


2019 Bridge Leadership

Commander -

Cdr Ray Alley, AP-IN

Squadron Education Officer -

Lt/C Randy Stone, P

Assistant Education Officer -

1st Lt Art Chapman, P

Secretary -

Lt/C Barry Cleveland, AP

Treasurer -

Lt/C Bobby Naylor, AP

Member-at-Large -

1/Lt Jane Malatak, P

1/Lt Jack Rubey, S


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