Bridge Officers


Cdr Ray Alley , AP IN


Commander Ray Alley, AP-IN

Squadron Commander

(615) 347-3403





Lt/C Mike Majka, P







Squadron Education Officer

Lt/C Tom Hudson, AP-IN

(615) 335-3055

Lt Commander Flag





Lt/C Barry Cleveland, P





Administrative Officer

Lt/C Bobby Naylor, AP




Leadership Development Program

R/C John Malatak, AP





Squadron Historian

1/Lt Jane Malatak, P



Assistant Education Officer

1/Lt Michael Disotelle, P



Flag Lieutenant

1/Lt Steve Toler, P



Rules Committee Chair

P/C Kenneth Holbert, AP


Members at Large:

Jack Rubey, S
P/C Bruce MacDonald, P


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Nashville Boating

Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities:

See Events Calendar for details for these events and more.

January 19 - 21 - Nashville  Boat Show at Music City Convention Center

February 11 - Change of Watch - Bravarian Beirhaus



February 3 - ABC Beginner Boat Class

March 3 - ABC Beginner Boat Class

April 7 - ABC Beginner Boat Class

SAFETY TIP ON ELECTRICAL SHOCK DROWNING (ESD) BY DIY AC SAFETY TEST FOR BOAT AND DOCK OWNERS.  All boat and dock owners must check your AC electrical system for stray current that could cause electrical shock and potential death to swimmers.  It could save a life.


2018 Bridge Leadership

Commander -

Cdr Ray Alley, AP-IN

Squadron Education Officer -

Lt/C Randy Stone

Assistant Education Officer -

1st Lt Art Chapman

Secretary -

Lt/C Barry Cleveland, AP

Treasurer -

Lt/C Bobby Naylor, AP

Member-at-Large -

1/Lt Jane Malatak, P

1/Lt Jack Rubey, S

Assistant Secretary for I.T. -


Flag Lieutentant -


Administrative Officer -


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